Posted by: Allan Forbes | 23/01/2013

RE7 – “Utterly Useless”

Poor Wee RE7.
An attempt by the Royal Aircraft Factory in 1915 to produce a bomber/reconnaissance aeroplane.
Unsuccessful,underpowered – and dismissed by Trenchard,
Chief of the Royal Flying Corps as “Utterly Useless”.
The weather in the painting is an attempt to sum up its overall performance. Very Dull.

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 23/01/2013

Budapest at Night

The Parliament building as seen from the Chain Bridge

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 21/01/2013

A Sopwith Schneider


Painted two years ago and shown at the Guild’s Annual Show in the Mall Galleries.

A non-seller. Bah!

I still like it though. That’s a ghostly HMS Abecrombie in the morning mist.

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 20/01/2013

The Original…..

Here’s a piece of the first Chain Bridge at the Museum of Transport.b_0003

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 20/01/2013

Another Re-start!

b_0114Just for a change, Ruthie and I saw in New Year of 2013 in Budapest. Fantastic place.

Pest-Buda, it once was. This is the Chain Bridge that links Eastern Pest with Western Buda over the Danube.

It’s actually the Mk.2 of the bridge as the retreating Germans blew the first one up in 1945.

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 31/08/2010

Less is more

I was out on Sunday on my Fixed-Wheel doing the 2-Bridges run from Edinburgh, over the Forth and back by Kincardine.  I always hope to do 90K on that ride but no matter how many times I do it the computer always finishes at  89.6K. Bugger! Leaving Grangemouth I met the young John McComisky and spun along with him until Bo’Ness.  Nice to meet you John. (I kent yer Faither………).  John was most impressed with my bike. Cheers!  I always wanted a really great Fixed and this is as good as I’m going to get.  Frame by the wily Dave Yates in 853 (I wanted it in 953 – but Dave told me not to be so daft). Reynolds carbon fork. Royce hubs and B/B and Thompson seatpost and stem. Record Pista chainset with 180mm cranks (!) Talon alloy rear sprocket.  It IS light but I don’t have a set of fishermans’ scales……….

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 12/08/2010

Testing, Testing, Testes

Yo!  I wonder if I can now get this on?  Nothing to report here.

But.. don’t I wish I’d hung onto THIS.


Posted by: Allan Forbes | 11/08/2010


Wooly Bully. It all works. Here’s a couple of snaps too.

One commercial and one personal.

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 11/08/2010


Can I remember how to do this? It’s been a while………………….

Here’s a Junkers J1. Will it upload though?

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 15/12/2008

About AF


AF is an Edinburgh-based photographer and works with architects,schools and colleges and with design companies.

Formerly using 5″ x 4″ and 6cm x 6cm plus 35mm formats, it gives me great pleasure to now carry around my lighter load of digital Nikons.

Modernity in photography is a blessing indeed.

I’m also an associate in the Guild of Aviation Artists and produce as many aero-paintings as time allows. Starting with watercolours, I now work mostly in oils although delving occasionaly into pastels. Being an amateur historian of WW1, the aircraft chosen tend to reflect that era. No modernity here!

Other passions are running and cycling.  Specialist subject – the Fixed Wheel (“singlespeed”) bicycle.

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