Posted by: Allan Forbes | 31/08/2010

Less is more

I was out on Sunday on my Fixed-Wheel doing the 2-Bridges run from Edinburgh, over the Forth and back by Kincardine.  I always hope to do 90K on that ride but no matter how many times I do it the computer always finishes at  89.6K. Bugger! Leaving Grangemouth I met the young John McComisky and spun along with him until Bo’Ness.  Nice to meet you John. (I kent yer Faither………).  John was most impressed with my bike. Cheers!  I always wanted a really great Fixed and this is as good as I’m going to get.  Frame by the wily Dave Yates in 853 (I wanted it in 953 – but Dave told me not to be so daft). Reynolds carbon fork. Royce hubs and B/B and Thompson seatpost and stem. Record Pista chainset with 180mm cranks (!) Talon alloy rear sprocket.  It IS light but I don’t have a set of fishermans’ scales……….

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