Posted by: Allan Forbes | 11/12/2013

The Caudron Conundrum

The Caudron Conundrum.

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 10/04/2013


Nieuport 27…for the Guild’s Annual Show in London. I reckon on about five being ready in time
Here’s a Nieuport 27 and a DFW CV surprising each other.

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 09/03/2013


siskin3001Yesterday I bought a pop-rivet gun (“blind-rivetting”) in order to try and eradicate an annoying rattle from a mudguard on my Winter bike.
On Googling rivets, I was very pleased to note that the first ever application of the blind-rivet technique was on this – the Armstrong Whitworth Siskin III.

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We had a walk at Silverknowes today. Met Arthur and a stick…………….

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 27/02/2013

Submarines at Aberlady Bay

abs_0020weeRuthie and I had a walk to the sands of Aberlady Bay last week. This was the view when we climbed the dune at the shore. These things in the distance?

This is one of the XT class 4-man submarines lying near the shoreline.

abs_0012 wee

I’ve read they were used as training for a midget-sub raid on the Tirpitz and just left there. I also heard they were used as targets for the OTU squadrons based at East Fortune. Beaufighter Fodder! Perhaps both versions are true?

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Another Caudron G4!

Another Caudron G4!

This is a wee watercolour and the first painting I ever sold in an exhibition.
A nice contrast to the previous oil.

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The Caudron G4

G4_wee 900

This is an oil, hopefully in the vein of Henry Farre. A wonderful aviation artist who actually did it!

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 27/01/2013

Richard Parker

Ruthie and I went to see “The Life of Pi” yesterday at the Filmhouse.
Amazing and fabulous film. Afterwards we walked down to eat at Wagamammas.
First thing I ordered. A large Tiger……………


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Vedette of the Vardar

Vedette of the Vardar

A Maurice Farman MF11 over a typical Ottoman bridge during the Macedonian Campaign in the Winter of 1915.

The Ottoman Empire build many wonderful such bridges in the Balkans. For a specific historical novel, try Ivo Andric’s Nobel-prizewinning “Bridge Over the Drina”.
A marvellous, if occasionally harrowing tale.

Posted by: Allan Forbes | 23/01/2013

With a Compact at le Tour. 2011

Tony Martin and Petacchi

Tony Martin and team-mate and Alessandro Petacchi at the end of a stage in Brittany at Cap Frehel won by Cav.

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